Get 50% Profit From All Your Investments.

With BTCFLOX, you make profit by helping to make the world a better place through investments. With high level of cybersecurity and powerful support.

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BTCFLOX is built around a community of dedicated investors all geared towards creating a better economic space for one another through investments.

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We maintain a 50% profit for all your donations within 10 days which is redeemed when you invest. Also with referral bonuses and signup bonus to keep you smiling.


Speed of process is our ultimate target! We are committed to helping you to your rewards as fast as naturally possible.

Updates and Support

We Are keeping you in the loop in all we do, and have a constantly open support channel to resolve disputes and offer guidance.

Made with Love

Well.. our passion speaks for itself!

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We are always open to constant communication from you, kindly reach us today to get help.